So I realised my last blog was almost 4 months ago!

In case you may not have picked this up already, I initially set up my blog site as part of a university assignment.. and as a result I have thought nothing of it since I successfully completed that class đŸ™‚

But that is all about to change.

This semester I have done some interesting projects, venturing into the world of building drawing machines and Arduino processing.

Who would have though I would ever get to this stage.. but alas here I am at 1:00am AEST blogging on my somewhat completed project.

What have I learnt out of this?? well

1. diligence pays of

2. Have a camara around always when you are working on these things.. you will never know when they will choose to work or not. (I managed to get all my lights working at one point and then they decided not to work anymore.. and there was no camera around to record the moment of glory)

Hope you enjoy the video.. It was made 15 minutes ago.. I really need to sleep. Stay tuned for more .. (I will be growing textiles next!!)


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