The beginning of an enlightened journey

ImageOver the next few months, I will be taking a journey to understand the science behind the most common thing we all see, whether with our eyes closed or open.

To keep you guessing for the next few seconds I will state a few exciting facts about this phenomena.

Fact 1: It is present outdoors at every single time of the day but varies in intensity

Fact 2: It is the absence of darkness

Fact 3: In the 6 days of creation recorded in the bible, it was the first thing that was created

That’s right – it is Light!

If you were unable to guess this then I hope this journey’ enlightens’ you (pun intended) as much as it will to me.

I will be led on this journey by distinguished lighting designers and artists Michael Day and Emrah Baki Ulas of the University of Technology Sydney along with a team of other designers with backgrounds ranging from photography, interior design, industrial design, architecture and hospitality.

Let’s GO!


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