What is LIGHT – the nature of human perception

‘What is light?’

Before my studio I would have said ‘light is something which takes away darkness’ and in my ignorance marked my self 10 out of 10. In actual fact, light is regarded as a particle motion forming a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which is visible to human eye and requires no medium to travel in. To complete this definition, I will also add that this portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is the absence of darkness.

Within any given context , light has 2 different touch points. This is the experience and the experiencer. One thing which intrigues me is that though the role of the designer is to create the experience based on their own perception.  Designers play with light to create the experience however each individual is likely to have a different perception.

To do this effectively, one needs to understand light and the optical phenomena.

1.Light reflects
2.Light refracts : this is the change in direction of a wave due to a change in speed
3.Light is dispersed
4.Light diffracts
5.Light waves can cause interference – this increase the amount of light or can cause complete darkness.

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