LIGHT – the eye, vision perception

In my last blog, it was noted that role of the designer is to create the experience based on their own perception and therefore as lighting designers it is difficult to design to influence the perception of another. Human perception cannot be comprehended on that scale. Why is this the case?

Well it all comes down to how we see. The photoreceptors in the retina has different levels for each person. The photo receptors consists of Rods and Cones. The Rods adjust how white or black something is and cones see color (red, green and blue) . Whilst a standard is created on human perception each person has different levels of how Rods and Cones adjust to make out an object. In short, the photoreceptors help us to see color. Emrah describes color as ‘the taste of light’ – I would add that ‘Color is the varying perception of human ability to see light’.

Another interesting point in how we see is with contrast. Up until now I had never thought much about contract but its interesting to note that the human visual system is sensitive to contrast rather than absolute luminance. This means that contrast helps to distinguish an object from another – its not just a lot of light.  I find the works of world renown artist Rob Gonsalves as one of the best ways to put this theory into action.


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