I am going to be very sentimental in the next few sentences but please bear with me. I am finding the lighting studio to be very interesting. Expounding on simple everyday occurrences such as shadows really changes my perception of how humans see the world – its very unique!

Ok sentiments over. This week I will  be writing about the color mixture and shadows and I hope you will share my sentiments about colors and shadows afterwards.

The color mixture is broken in 2- additive and subtractive colors. In additive, all the primary colors (Red, Green and Blue) all add up to make white. The mixture of two of these colors form the subtractive color mixture i.e red + green = yellow, blue + green = cyan and blue + red = magenta. These combinations add to create black.

The video below gives a vivid explanation of this.

Now to the exciting part – Shadows!

You can tell a lot from a shadow. How? Well a shadow gives information such as the light source, object type, time, place, weather condition, spatial & material quality, direction and quality of light. This list is not exhaustive of the information given by a shadow. Here are some image below is from the studio today experimenting with shadows.

In this image we see that the closer the object  is to the light source, the more defined the shadow is. The because there are 2 light sources, multiple shadows are cast from the cans. Also where the point where the shadows overlap appears to be darker than the other areas cast by a shadow.

So to prove that shadows carry information, (without the seeing the light source) you can state that the there are multiple light sources, direct artificial light as natural day light will be more diffused and will not cause the a stark contrast in the surrounding areas.


youtube video:


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