Canberra – Skyspace

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As until now I have wondered what in heaven’s name a Skyspace is. So I searched on my beloved Google only to get this definition: ‘A skyspace is an enclosed space open to the sky through an aperture in the roof’. Great! Based on this definition I went to Canberra thinking I am driving to go and see a Sun roof but little did I know what I was in for.

Before I get into what I saw at the sky space let me digress just a little. Canberra is a beautiful city and if you haven’t been there I will encourage you to do so. The time we spent there was nice and rewarding. First of all it was FROZEN (-2 degrees Celsius), quiet and very picturesque. I will only state here that one must not stay for more than 24 hours – maybe 48 hours (tops).

Ok back to the main point, we went to Canberra to see the Skyspace at the National gallery. Painfully woke up at 4:30am (well more like 5:30am but I like to say 4:30 because that’s when I hit snooze on my alarm) and we dragged ourselves through below zero temperature to see the skyspace. So what really is a skyspace you may ask? Well my attempt to define it will be ‘An enclosed space open to the sky through an aperture in the roof with indoor lighting set to compliment the changing colors of the sky during sun set and sunrise offering the viewer a surreal experience of the sky and light.’ For more information on SkySpaces check out James Turrell

We also toured other monumental buildings and infrastructure; the National Portrait Gallery (which has won over 30 awards), the National gallery, Kings Avenue Overpass and the War memorial. It was an overwhelming yet rewarding trip and very much enjoyed. I must state that driving to Canberra and back to Sydney was the longest road trip I have ever made as the sole driver.

I must add finally that we stayed for 48 hours!




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