An overall very exciting evening

I did something today I haven’t done in about 3 years. It is not something I particularly like and definitely do not like preparing for it. However the relieve and sensation I always experience after this is always … well indescribable.  I wrote an EXAM!! Yes an Exam. If you are not a design student you may think, ‘well that’s not unusual’ or ‘Big deal’ but if you are a design student, you will probably make the same statement/ question my peers asked when I informed them .. ‘An exam?!?’

I am honestly glad it is over and as I stated before I was just so glad it was over. I don’t think I will get 100% however I didn’t do badly. I was actually impressed with the knowledge I have gained over this period and grateful for the experience had.

I did another thing today I haven’t experienced in … well never experienced. I got a very private tour around the Vivid light installation from the artist themselves!!!! – well first of by ‘I’ I mean myself in a group of members from the Professional Lighting Design Association. It was spectacular. My key learning was that, lighting design of public spaces goes beyond the installation itself. There is a lot of politics involved with corporate bodies and government departments to get it right.

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An overall very exciting evening!



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