The Marking Point

It was the final day in class today and boy what a day it was! Having participated on a master of lighting studio for 3 months has by no means lead me to be an expert however it has surely opened my understanding to appreciate light, how it is used, installed, manipulated and glorified.

The studio ended with a presentation to the Designing Out Crime research center to propose a temporary interactive light installation for the Ultimo Pedestrian Network. The underlying aspect of the solution is to have people spent time in the space whilst giving them a memorable experience during the journey.

The first Image is the concept during the day, second image is at night showing the light emitting on the ground and the third image is a break down of the materials used for the sculpture.

The concept is inspired from the marking points used on Google maps to create large-scale sculptures which cannot be missed. This encourages people to stop and spend time in this area. As it is also an artwork, it creates the perception that it is created by a person and has a belonging. This encourages pedestrians to be responsible for the installation.

It embeds LEDs will emit a warm white light. As pedestrians approach the installation, it senses their movement and changes to the additive colour mixture of red, blue and green on the ground. As UPN is a flat surface, it allows people to be able associate human activity from a further distance.

Feedback received was encouraging. Several suggestions were received ranging from including maps/ country names on the sculpture to prompt people to stop to search for their country name to placing the sculptures in front of the buildings and print the name of the building on the sculpture.

I definitely seek to develop this concept much further and feedback is always welcome!

Before I sign of though, I would like to express and sincere gratitude to Mike Day and Emrah Baki Ulas of the UTS Master of lighting studio. Though my blogs are not exhaustive of the knowledge acquired I have learnt much more than I bargained for and for that reason highly recommend this course.


Designing out crime, April 2012 ‘Crime Prevention UPN South’


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